10 Rookies Who Don’t Give AF About Their Seniors

Sunbae who?

The sunbae-hoobae relationship is very common between new idols and their veteran counterparts, with the sunbaes teaching their juniors the ins and outs of the job. Although they form their unique bonds together, it isn’t always easy and the relationship ends up being more like that between siblings! Check out some of the hilarious times when juniors just gave up and didn’t care what their seniors thought below:


1. When NCT’s Ten threw shade at GOT7’s Yugyeom

Throwing shade? Okay! It all started when GOT7‘s BamBam introduced Yugyeom and NCT‘s Ten and to each other.


Things were going smoothly until BamBam asked Ten a very important question; did he think that Yugyeom could win Hit the Stage? And then we were left with this awkward situation!


But everything turned out fine in the end! BamBam won’t ask any more questions like that and Yugyeom and Ten became friends.


2. When Red Velvet’s Yeri and Wendy were too excited to meet Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Red Velvet‘s Yeri and Wendy were so shocked and excited by a special appearance by Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon during a livestream that they just couldn’t contain themselves.


Taeyeon was probably not expecting quite that reaction but it’s probably one of the cutest sunbae-hoobae interactions around! Experience the full fan girl experience below!


3. When Red Velvet’s Yeri asked this question to EXO’s Sehun

Way to make things awkward Yeri. Poor Sehun didn’t know quite what to do when she asked him this question and neither did any of the other EXO boys!


4. When Stray Kids’ Hyunjin was a little too fixated on GOT7’s Jinyoung

What happens when you mix a rookie with someone that they idolize? Well, you might get something like this! Just look at how Stray KidsHyunjin hung onto every word that GOT7‘s Jinyoung had to say.


When Jinyoung noticed how intently Hyunjin was watching him, he couldn’t help but bring it up.


Luckily Jinyoung understood how Hyunjin was feeling and invited him out for lunch afterward!


5. When NCT’s Jisung called SUPER JUNIOR’s Leeteuk “dad”

In one of those moments that you realize you are much older than someone, SUPER JUNIOR‘s Leeteuk was definitely feeling his age when he realized NCT‘s Jisung was 19 years younger than him!


And then Jisung just had to play along and call Leeteuk dad!


6. When Highlight met KNK and respected their seniors

Are Highlight seniors or are they juniors? Trying to figure out if the group formerly known as BEAST are juniors now that they are Highlight can be a big headache. At least they knew how to properly respect their seniors!


7. When BIGBANG won M! Countdown and it turned into a SEVENTEEN fanmeeting

BIGBANG had just won on M! Countdown for “BANG BANG BANG” and everyone was celebrating…


When they were faced by SEVENTEEN! Soon they were overcome with all the members’ congratulations that it was almost like the win had turned into some sort of SEVENTEEN fanmeeting!


8. When MONSTA X admitted they call SISTAR their hyungs

Or how about the time that MONSTA X‘s Kihyun spilled the beans and told everyone on M! Countdown that the group calls SISTAR their hyungs because they are so fit! At least the girl group understood why and said it was okay. While at the same time saying MONSTA X were like their little sisters!


9. When UP10TION was really glad to see INFINITE

UP10TION was giving a stellar performance…


When they suddenly saw INFINITE. What are you to do when faced with your seniors mid-performance? You could keep performing or have a small fanboy moment and go greet them!


10. When Golden Child’s Jangjun was totally in sync with Weki Meki

Weki Meki was showing off their moves on Weekly Idol when one particular Golden Child member was spotted bobbing along on the side.


Jangjun was then pulled out from the crowd and asked to perform the girl group’s dance.


He seemed pretty confident and why shouldn’t he have been? He totally slayed the performance!


Bonus: When Girls’ Generation’s Yuri didn’t couldn’t keep her hands off Red Velvet’s Yeri

Sometimes sunbaes can’t help but pick on their hoobaes, just like this time when Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri kept playing “made you look” with Red Velvet‘s Yeri!