10+ “Run BTS!” 2022 Special Episode Part 2 Moments That You Need To See

BTS put their telepathy skills to the test!

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BTS‘s variety show Run BTS! returned last week with the first part of the 2022 Special Episode!

From left: Suga, V, RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and J-Hope of BTS. | Weverse

Now, that Part 2 has been released, here are 10+ moments, in no particular order, that you need to see…

1. BTS’s telepathy skills are no joke.

2. We can all relate to Jimin

3. Reuniting with your bestie after so long be like…

4. The next season of Run BTS! will be interesting…

5. Calling V

6. Jungkook will never stop doing the “That That” choreography any chance he gets.

7. BRB, actual tears in our eyes.

8. *cut to the banana incident*

9. EatJin comeback

10. Changing rules because the members were sad after not finding each other

11. Corn supremacy

12. J-Hope’s happy eating reaction

13. Jungkook’s eating face

14. Thoughtful Jin

15. Reunited, and it feels so good.

Check out moments from the previous episode below.

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