These Are The 10 Most Searched Korean Dramas In South Korea

Which drama have you been binging?

South Korea has been known across Asia and the world for producing some of the most bingeworthy and rewatchable dramas, and 2019 has been no different.

According to Naver, there have been several dramas that have topped daily searches, showing that they have captured the attention of South Korean households, based on data collected on August 11.

10. At Eighteen

Starring former WANNA ONE member Ong Seongwoo and Kim Hyang-gi as the two main characters, their chemistry has garnered praise on the internet.

9. Designated Survivor: 60 Days

The South Korean twist on the popular U.S television series Designated Survivor, this version is different in that it the Ji Jin-Hee’s character is limited by 60 days as acting President, setting a time limit for him to uncover the mysteries in this gripping series.

8. The Golden Garden

Premiering in 2019, this drama about four individuals gridlocked in a legal case is one of South Korea’s most watched drama series.

7. Welcome 2 Life

The drama has risen in public interest over the last week particularly, ranking within the top ten of the most searched dramas in Korea. The drama stars the multitalented Bi Rain and acclaimed South Korean actress Lim Ji-Yeon.

6. Love Affairs in the Afternoon

The series gained some controversy as it was accused for glorifying extramarital affairs, however the producing director has refuted this, saying the show intends to be an honest portrayal of a married couple as they grapple with a turning point in their life.

5. Doctor John

SBS’s Doctor John has been reigning over its time slot on Friday and Saturdays at 10PM KST. Doctor John is a medical drama centred on an arrogant anaesthesiologist, played by Ji Sung, who is remarkably talented at his work.

4. Be Melodramatic

“Be Melodramatic” features an all-female cast who play characters in their thirties, who are still trying to figure out “adulting”. This hilarious drama about the challenges of being an adult is a must-watch for anyone who feels the same way.

3. Mother of Mine

“Mother of Mine” has consistently been ranked as the most watched weekend-drama series. The series was so popular that it even got extended for an additional eight episodes for another two weeks!

2. Watcher

This weekend thriller has performed well in terms of viewership ratings. Centred around a murder case, the show is filled with intricate complexities and subtle details, making this a thought-provoking watch.

1. Hotel del Luna

“Hotel del Luna” is currently the most searched drama on Naver, having only premiered a month ago. The series features singer-songwriter IU in a lead role as the hotel’s mysterious CEO, with fans anticipating some thrilling moments to occur as the season progresses.

Which one of these dramas are you currently watching?