10+ Sexiest Moments Of BTS’s Jimin You Probably Shouldn’t Show To Your Parents

If you thought #2 was extreme, prepare yourself for #13.

BTS‘s Jimin is the full package: he’s an adorable mochi who loves to shower his members with his sincere affection through back-hugs, hand-holding and heartwarming cuddles.

His voice is also amazing — when you listen to him sing, it’s like you’re hearing the voice of an actual angel here on this planet.

And finally, whenever Jimin performs on stage, he always manages to set the stage on fire because of his powerful dance moves and graceful interpretation of the choreography of their songs.

Because of these elements, whenever ARMYs watch Jimin, they can’t help but think that he’s incredibly sexy — in fact, he may be too sexy that sometimes, it may be a good idea if you watch him perform all by yourself, right?

Here are 10+ of the sexiest moments of Jimin on stage. You’re welcome.

1.  Tongue technology

2. His side profile with a little hip thrust action

3. Is the stage okay?

4. Making hearts flutter since 2013

5. What a boss!

6. Jimin should be proud of his abs, as it’s a product of his hard work

7. Remember when everyone was pleasantly surprised with this plot twist?

8. A simple yet dangerous move

9. The caption says it all

10. Jimin has total control of his body, and it’s beautiful

11. Such an intense performance

12. Black really looks good on Jimin

13. The cameraman deserves millions of awards for this

14. Notice the difference between Jungkook and Jimin here

Now, you know what Jimin is like when he’s performing, but what do you think his true personality is really like? Check out the next article below to find out.

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