10+ Sexiest Outfits Ever Worn By APink Naeun

Fans jaws dropped when they saw her wearing this:

1. When Naeun was a spinning flower.

2. When she was the cheerleader with the best moves.

3. That time she had everyone’s attention with just a few yoga poses.

4. The Cotton Candy Sweet Naeun!

5. When she was fitted in black became the goals of every diet everywhere!

6. When her pants were shorter than her underpants.

7. When she became the outfit inspiration for clubbers that weekend.

8. When she couldn’t hide her beautiful S-Line underneath her red dress.

Source: Calobye

9. Who knew canes can be so sexy?

10. When she made elegant look sexy!

11. When she performed this sexy number during Apink’s concert!

12. When the world realized shoelaces can be sexy.

13. Every time she wears a semi-transparent sweater.

13. Cheers to Naeun’s amazing figure!