10+ Sexiest Outfits Ever Worn By Suzy

She makes every color look so sexy!

1. When she wore a burgundy turtleneck crop top paired with leather hot pants and a gold body chain.

2. She totally blew fans away with this black and white striped open chest top, short skirt, and thigh-highs.

3. This daring leather black outfit with the garter as the cherry on top for her sexy performance with 2PM’s Junho.

4. She blessed everyone with this tight, wet denim look for Sprite.

5. She set the stage on fire with this leather dominatrix look paired with knee-high fishnet stockings.

6. Suzy stunned on the red carpet with this low-cut, strappy, classy gown.

7. Even her casual looks are extremely sexy and flawless.

8. Who can forget Suzy’s gorgeous cuts from her Caribbean Bay? Imagine seeing THIS at the waterpark.

9. This outfit from “Hush” promotions was particularly devastating. She was looking like a devil in disguise with this all-white look.

10. Speaking of Suzy in white – check her out in a backless, pearlescent white dress.

11. She’s pretty in pink too like this electric pink halter top and short skirt combo. What color CAN’T she pull off?