10+ Sexiest Outfits Ever Worn By T-ARA Jiyeon

Never change, Jiyeon!

1. When she was the picture perfect girl for club night!

2. When she grinded all up against this wall.

3. When she showed off her S-Line figure in this tightly fitted outfit.

4. That time every man and woman signed up for the life at sea thanks to Jiyeon.

5. A casual ballerina relaxing on a couch… except it’s so sexy because of Jiyeon’s natural aura!

6. When she made stripes look so stunningly sultry!

7. When she did this with her hair, her outfit, and her lips.

8. Talk about sexy in red lace!

9. That time she proved she can be every type of sexy… even the Bad Girl sexy!

10. As well as the goddess of sexy!

11. I mean, who can glow so fabulously like Jiyeon?

12. That time she was literally a work of art.

13. Let’s bring back a Sailor picture one more time!

14. And another!

15. Making sexy work in every culture!

15. No matter her hairstyle (whether it be a wig or not)…


16. When she bared her mid-rift in a sexy lace twist!

17. Jiyeon’s been sexy since her debut days!


18. Never change, Jiyeon… Never change.