10 Sexy K-Pop Girl Group Choreographies That Were Banned From Public Broadcasts

Public broadcast stations are not big fans of sexy choreographies.

Korean broadcasts channels can be quite particular about K-Pop choreographies, especially when it comes to ones with sexy movements. Here are 10 K-Pop girl group dances that were banned from some public broadcasting stations for being too sexy.

1. “Miniskirt” (AOA)

2. “Something” (Girl’s Day)

3. “Poison” (SECRET)

4. “Up & Down” (EXID)

5. “Wiggle Wiggle” (Hello Venus)

6. “Move” (Four Ladies)

7. “Mirror Mirror” (4Minute)

8. “Marionette” (Stellar)

9. “Joker” (Dal Shabet)

10. “Vibrato” (Stellar)

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