10 Signs That Suzy & Lee Dong Wook Were Destined To Be Together

Lee Min who?

While some fans are still heartbroken over Suzy‘s breakup with Lee Min Ho in 2017, she’s clearly moved on and is happily dating Lee Dong Wook. Suzy has matured a lot in the past few years and Lee Dong Wook is perfect for the person she has become. Check out 10 reasons the star couple is meant to be!


1. Their love transcends barriers

With a 13-year age difference, a lot of fans were unhappy about the dating news, calling Lee Dong Wook an “ajusshi” and saying Suzy could do better. But Suzy has said herself that age doesn’t matter when it comes to love!


2. They have both experienced heartbreak

While Suzy’s long-term relationship with Lee Min Ho was hot news, Lee Dong Wook has admitted he has had a few relationships that lasted two or three years. They both have experienced hardship before in relationships and have healed. Lee Dong Wook showed his maturity when he said he “cherished” the time he spent with past partners. Suzy took time to recover after her breakup with Lee Min Ho, but it clearly affected her. She couldn’t respond when the media asked her about her new album, “Faces of Love”. She said, “Love at 25 means….” but trailed off and apologized.


3. They know a relationship takes work

Both having been in long-term relationships, the two know that relationships aren’t easy but need to be maintained. Lee Dong Wook has even admitted he doesn’t believe in love at first sight. He said, “I believe a relationship is built”.


4. Suzy told Lee Dong Wook he was her ideal type

On an episode of Strong Heart six years ago, Suzy admitted – to Lee Dong Wook’s face – that he was her ideal type!


5. Lee Dong Wook likes glamorous women

On an airing of My Bodyguard, Lee Dong Wook took a test that suggested he liked glamorous women, and he admitted it’s true. He said, “I wouldn’t go so far as to deny it. I think it is true that I like glamorous women.” Who could be more glamorous than Suzy?


6. They’ve both dealt with the spotlight for years

Suzy has been in the spotlight since she debuted with miss A in 2010 when she was 16, and her popularity skyrocketed with her successful acting career. Lee Dong Wook was also catapulted into the spotlight when he was young and has been dealing with fame from a young age. The Goblin craze boosted his popularity once again in 2017. They both calmly decided to start dating once the news broke because they know how to deal with all the publicity.


7. Lee Dong Wook knows how to like someone

In a live broadcast of “On The Air”, he described what it’s like to like someone. “If you like someone you are curious about that person. You are curious about what they are up to, whether they ate or not, if they’re hurting, what they are both thinking about.” And witnesses of Suzy and Lee Dong Wook’s dates say he knows how to take care of her, and she appreciates someone that can do that.


8. They both have a reputation for being kind

Suzy interacting with older fans.

Both stars are known for their kindness and warmth in the industry, so they’re a perfect fit! Lee Dong Wook once spent $10,000 to spend a special night watching the Paralympics with his fans, and Suzy is praised often for her genuine interactions with fans and colleagues in the industry.


9. They’re both models and comfortable in their own skin

Lee Dong Wook started out as a model before becoming an actor, and while Suzy was a singer first and then an actor and model, the two know each other’s business well. They also know themselves well and are comfortable with themselves and where they’re at in life.


10. They are on the same page about privacy

Image: TPG

While they’ve both spoken publicly about their ideal types, the two are quite secretive about their relationships. Lee Dong Wook has never had a public relationship until now, and Suzy has never liked talking about her relationships. She mentioned on Happy Together when she was dating Lee Min Ho that “I’m trying to be careful”, and in her first public appearance after the dating news with Lee Dong Wook broke, she refused to talk about it!

Source: News Staits Times