10+ Times Son Ye Jin Made Our Hearts Flutter For Her Ridiculously Attractive Airport Fashion

Her airport fashion proves she really deserved to play as a stylish CEO — fashion on point.

Ever since Son Ye Jin played the role of a fashionable CEO as the female lead in the drama Crash Landing On You

…fans couldn’t help but be amazed with her effortlessly stylish outfits — even when she’s simply attending a movie premier…

…dressing up for an awards show…

…or just going to the airport to catch her flight. Here are 10+ pictures of Son Ye Jin with her prettiest outfits pictured while she’s on her way to the airport.

A classy skirt paired with a frilly top to bring out her feminine charms

Her super adorable pair of sunglasses make her look chic and fashionable, too.

Minimalist airport fashion with a monochromatic style

A minimalist-inspired airport fashion is perfect for her destination — Japan!

Shoulder-length hair is complemented by her dark green jacket with fluffy details

Her pair of sunglasses also did well in framing her pretty face.

Baseball cap = instant ultimate girlfriend vibes!

Looking fresh as a rose with her breezy top and comfy shorts

Is she going to the beach, or boarding a plane? Why not both, right?

Denim-on-denim outfit with a classy scarf

Her ripped jeans are amazing for bringing some edge in the otherwise too plain look — plus, the way she styled her hair is definitely pretty.