Here’s 10 Songs To Add To Your Playlist To Get Ready For Spring

Here are some great songs for spring!

With Spring officially here, it’s time to amp up our playlist with some new tunes! With the colder weather gone, it’s time to listen to some soft and melodic tunes that will help get us into the warmer season! Here’s a list of some nice Spring songs to get you started:

1. “Spring Day” – BTS

This track was released as part of BTS’s album Wings from 2016. There are many meanings behind this song and the boys have not officially confirmed what they are. They like to leave their songs up for interpretation to the listener.

2. “What The Spring?” – 10 Cm

This track is from their 2016 album What the Spring?? And is an alternative/indie sound that is perfect for the upcoming spring weather.

3. “Spring Fever” – MAMAMOO

This track is from their 2018 album Yellow Flower, and features a soft and happy sound that will get you in the mood for warmer weather. Moonbyul’s vocals also stand out in this song as well.

4. “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” – HIGH4, IU

This track was released back in 2014 and is sung by IU and HIGH4. This has become a classic Spring song in Korea ever since its release 6 years ago.

5. “Spring” – Park Bom Feat. Sandara Park

This track is from Park Bom’s album Spring from 2019. This also features member Sandara Park, bringing a long awaited collab from 2NE1 members.

6. “Cherry Blossom Ending” – Busker Busker

This 2012 track from Busker Busker’s first album has become almost the national anthem of spring in Korea since its release. It talks about love and spring and all things that come at the end of the cold season.

7. “Spring Memories” – N.Flying

This track is a part of their 2019 album Spring Memories and is a fun bright song that also features Kwak Dong Yeon in their music video.

8. “Watercolor” – Lovelyz

This track is a part of their album Heal from 2018 that features the members’ vocals very well. This soft and soothing song will instantly lift your mood on rough days.

9. “Spring Is You” – Han All

Han All is a solo artist who has been making music since 2014. This track is a part of her album Spring Is You from 2019. Her calming voice is one that you want to hear over and over again.

10. “My Blossom” – SOYOU

This song is from Soyou’s album from 2018. She is a former member of SISTAR and has continued her solo career after the group disbanded in 2017.

What are some other songs that are a must-listen for this spring?