10 Songs Guaranteed To Help You Fall Asleep

The only songs you should sleep on! (And probably will in minutes.)

With everything going on, it can be hard to get some sleep. Or, maybe you were never good at falling asleep to begin with. Whether you’re looking at the ceiling with too much to think about or you keep getting distracted by your cats running around the halls, we’ve got you covered. Get your Spotify accounts ready, because these songs are guaranteed to get you to sleep!

1. “Rain” by BTS

This song is proven to help with sleep by none other than BTS’s Jin himself! He once said at a fan meet that he would listen to this song on repeat to fall asleep. With the smooth vocals and soothing beats, it’s easy to see why!

2. “End of a day” by Jonghyun (SHINee)

Jonghyun is the master of soft and low songs. What better way to “end the day” than with beautiful piano notes and a mellow voice telling you that you did okay.

3. “Nap of a star” by TXT

This song was practically made to fall asleep to. The sweet lyrics give a perfect nighttime vibe and the low angelic voices will make you want to crawl right under the covers.

4. “Amaranth” by Chen (EXO)

Chen’s voice was made for lullabies. Many of his songs belong on this list but “Amaranth” just has that calming feeling.

5. “instagram” by DEAN

This song is well-paced for the half-asleep brain and has given comfort to many people since it’s release. DEAN’s voice just continues to make hearts feel good.

6. “with you” by The Rose

Another great place to look for soothing songs to sleep to is K-Drama OSTs. This hidden gem by The Rose will have you feeling like you’re on a cloud in just moments.

7. “heyahe” by ONE

Perhaps this is not the most obvious sleep song, but it works. It’s just soft enough to induce sleep, but just interesting enough to keep your mind occupied.

8. “U R” by MONSTA X

There are quite a few MONSTA X songs that could work as sleep songs, but this takes the cake. The breathy raps and ethereal vocals will just allow you to drift away. (Perhaps listen to this one at a lower volume though, because Wonho and Kihyun love to hit those notes.)

9. “The Night” by Eric Nam

Oops— another K-Drama OST, but with a title like “The Night” how could it not be a perfect fit?

10. “Hug” by SEVENTEEN

This song is exactly as advertised, a hug to the soul. Snuggle up and enjoy these smooth tones!


Happy sleeping!