10+ Songs That Were Initially Not Well-Received But Are Now Loved, According To Fans

They took some warming up to, but now they’re truly iconic!

K-Pop artists are always releasing bops, but sometimes, the experimental nature of new music takes some time for fans to warm up to. Here are 10+ songs that fans believe were not immediately well-received, but over time, has found a special place in the hearts of many fans and listeners!

1. “Idol”- BTS

| BigHit Entertainment

“IDOL” by BTS was released in 2018 as the title track to their album Love Yourself: Answer. Fans believe that the song initially shocked people with its sound, but fans gradually began to like it a lot!


2. “Something”- Girl’s Day

| Dream T Entertainment

“Something” is Girl’s Day‘s breakthrough comeback song, and now, is regarded as a defining song of the sexy concept! But when it was first released, it took some getting used to, and is now an iconic track!


3. “The 7th Sense”- NCT U

| SM Entertainment

“The 7th Sense” is the debut single by NCT’s first unit, NCT U, released in 2016. At first, the futuristic sound of the song didn’t sit too well with fans, but the song now is regarded as one of the most solid debut tracks in K-Pop!


4. “I Got A Boy”- Girls’ Generation

| SM Entertainment

“I Got A Boy” is Girls’ Generation‘s 2013 comeback song, and was noted for being composed of various genres, and was a hard-hitting sound that was new in K-Pop at the time. From being disliked by many at the time of its release, the song has now become one of K-Pop’s most legendary songs ever!


5. “Lotto”- EXO

| SM Entertainment

“Lotto” by EXO is the title track of their 2016 repackaged album Lotto. Fans were wary of the song initially, because of its use of heavy autotune, but is now liked by many!


6. “Jopping”- SuperM

| SM Entertainment

“Jopping” is the debut song of SuperM, released in 2019. The song took some warming up to for a lot of fans, but is now liked by tons of them- especially Mark‘s smooth-flowing rap!


7. “Zimzalabim”- Red Velvet

| SM Entertainment

“Zimzalabim” is Red Velvet‘s 2019 comeback track for their album The ReVe Festival: Day 1. Many fans believe the song took a lot of getting used to for fans, and now is a certified bop according to them!


8. “Dalla Dalla”- ITZY

| JYP Entertainment

“Dalla Dalla” is ITZY‘s debut track, and fans believe that the song just got better and better with time!


9. “Up And Down”- EXID

| Banana Culture

“Up And Down” is EXID‘s breakthrough song, and flew under the radar of many fans when it was released. When Hani‘s fancam blew up, the song climbed back onto charts, and became a hit with the public!


10. “Signal”- TWICE

| JYP Entertainment

“Signal” is TWICE‘s 2017 comeback song, and many fans believe that it initially received a lukewarm reaction by many fans. The song then grew on many listeners, and even won the group tons of awards and “Song Of The Year” at the end of year awards!


11. “Move”- Taemin

“Move” by SHINee‘s Taemin is an iconic song now, but initially flew under that radar of many K-Pop fans. Then, Lee Kook Joo covered the song…

And it led many to many fans discovering the track, and that’s when the many dance covers took off!


12. “Rookie”- Red Velvet

| SM Entertainment

Red Velvet’s “Rookie” is now known for its catchy chorus and amazing vocal riffs, but at the time of its release, many fans took a while to warm up to it. The song is now considered to be one of the group’s many successful songs!

Source: Reddit