Here Are 10 Of Stray Kids Changbin’s Habits That Are Just Too Cute To Handle

He’s so charming without even trying!

Stray KidsChangbin is an idol that is popular all around the world – not only due to his insane rapping skills, but also because of his irresistible personality! Changbin has an infectious smile and the natural ability to light up any room he walks into.

So, let’s take a look at 10 of Changbin’s habits that have already made thousands of STAYs fall head over heels for him:

1. Lip Biting

While it has often been said that doing the “sexy” lip bite without looking ridiculous is practically impossible, Changbin is one of very few men out there who does it right. Seriously, just look at him go!

2. Arm Crossing

A lot of times when Changbin is sitting back against a chair, he’ll cross his arms in a way that perfectly shows off how jacked he truly is. JYP better close their gyms!

…Or maybe not.

3. Speaking In Tiny

When Changbin tries to be funny for STAYs, he will sometimes talk in a high-pitched voice that is literally the pinnacle of cuteness. And don’t even get us started on when he teams up with I.N, sending everyone into an adorable overload!

4. Poking His Cheeks

Changbin has the some incredibly squishable cheeks, and he constantly reminds STAYs of that fact when he pokes them on camera. We’re pretty sure his members would agree with that statement too, as they always seem to be touching Changbin’s cheeks at almost every chance they get!

5. Laughing Like *This*

Changbin has one of the most iconic laughs in K-Pop, period. We wouldn’t be surprised if it was one day scientifically proven that anyone who hears it automatically has to smile, too!

6. Turning Anything Into A Pickup Line

Since Changbin is an expert at songwriting, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he can cleverly come up with witty responses to anything on the fly. The way he can throw out a pickup line so casually is a powerful weapon!

7. Sleeping With His Munchlax

On the first episode of the group’s survival show, Changbin introduced STAYs to his Munchlax plushie, claiming that he “couldn’t sleep without him.” For years after that, the stuffed toy made several appearances with him in the dorms!

8. Pouting Adorably

Both on and off stage, Changbin makes a little pout that could melt even the coldest of hearts! How could someone say no to him with that face?

9. Calling People’s Names

On an episode of Kiss The Radio with DAY6‘s Young K, Seungmin mentioned that one of Changbin’s ‘weird’ habits is that he loves to call people with their names whenever he starts speaking to them. Looking back, Changbin really does do that a lot!

10. Lifting His Pinky In Photos

Even without a teacup in hand, Changbin will put his pinky finger up in photos. It doesn’t matter if he’s making a finger heart, a peace sign, or even just waving – the pinky is always in the air!

Which one of Changbin’s precious habits is your favorite?

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