11 Unexplainable Styles In K-Pop History That Make Us Think “WTF Was That About”

I confess… I used to think #7 was the greatest thing to happen in K-Pop back in the day…

1. Uhm Junghwa during her “I Don’t Know” era.

In 1999, Uhm Junghwa rocked frosted everything – from her eyeliner to her hair to her headphones.

2. Lee Junghyun’s stage outfits for “Come”.

Lee Junghyun promoted with her microphone on her pinky finger the entire time, back in 1999. Plus, she did it holding a huge fan with a gigantic eye and East Asian-esque long robes & hair.

3. Lee Junghyun again, but this time for “Change”.

Then she took it up another notch with “Change” that same year. She transformed into an entire pink Power Ranger with huge dragon wings for her next concept.

4. H.O.T.’s “Iyah!” era, but most importantly… Heejun.

SM Entertainment was really feeling visual kei back in 1999, and honestly, H.O.T. looks pretty normal here (considering…)! Until you look at Moon Heejun and realize he has grown claws for no apparent reason.

5. TVXQ! going laced up punk goth for “The Way U Are”.

In 2004, Fans were shocked when the follow-up to TVXQ!‘s cute and sweet “Hug” was “The Way U Are”. Looking like young boys who tried to grow up too fast, this concept was filled with awkward see-through shirts and silky pants…

6. That time SM thought, “It wasn’t enough! More gel!”

TVXQ! continued to deliver some incredibly questionable looks in 2004. From Xia Junsu’s ponytail to JaeJoong’s Statue-of-Liberty-esque spikes, this look was definitely… visually shocking.

7. Everything about 2PM’s Chansung during “10 Out of 10”.

It took a while for netizens and non-fans to find out just how handsome 2PM‘s Chansung really is. This was due to his questionable styling and “farmer’s bun” that JYP debuted him in, back in 2008.

8. When we thought the Dara-pineapple was a legendary innovation.

2NE1‘s styling was actually pretty cute for these promotions in 2009. But Dara’s hairstyle really stood out, or rather – it stood up.

9. Lee Hyori trying too hard for “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”.

“Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” was the title track for Lee Hyori‘s 2010 album “H-Logic”. The hook repeats the phrase “your words are laughable” but some wondered if she was talking about her outfits. Either way, she definitely tried a lot of different things for this song!

10. When BIGBANG’s Taeyang glued two rolls of Kimbap on his head.

Not sure if Taeyang‘s hair stylist in 2012 was trying to make him look like a monster, or if they were trying to make people hungry with thoughts of kimbap and chocolate roll cake. But either way, it was damn cool for “Monster”… (Is cool the right word?)

11. That time VIXX’s stylist experimented and came up with Frankensteins.

Back in 2013, VIXX‘s makeup artists liked to experiment with their makeup as they promoted the dark & heavy “Hyde”. After this performance with black lipstick, they were known as the “black bean noodle idols” as it looked like they had a feast just before going on stage.

Source: 1boon