10 Sweetest Moments Between Red Velvet And TWICE

Here are some of the best TwiceVelvet moments!

TWICE and Red Velvet are more than just fellow idols, they are also the best of friends! Whenever they get the chance they like to hang out and are showing affection for each other. It’s no wonder that fans have given them the nickname “TwiceVelvet”! Their moments are always so sweet that it’s hard not to fall in love with this friendship. Check out a few of their best friendship moments below!


1. ISAC love

At the latest Idol Star Athletic Championships, Irene, Yeri, Seulgi, and Nayeon broke into dance to TWICE’s “Likey”. The three Red Velvet members totally killed it and knew the moves without any help from Nayeon!


2. Music Bank Secrets

Joy and Sana showed off their friendship at Music Bank with a few hugs and a few whispered words to each other.


3. Happy birthday surprise

Nayeon once held a livestream on her birthday and got a surprise call from Yeri! Yeri had said that she heard Nayeon say she felt awkward so she called her! If that wasn’t already sweet enough, she also told Nayeon that she loved her!


4. ISAC interactions

At a different ISAC, the TWICE girls were spotted hanging out with theRed Velvet members.


5. Love confession

Nayeon once confessed her love to Irene and Yeri. Just seeing their reactions to the sweet confession is almost too much to handle!


6. Ostrich dance

Who knows what prompted Seulgi and Jeongyeon to do this strange dance, but it just shows how strong their bond is to have so much fun performing this dance!


7. “Red Flavor”

Red Velvet doesn’t may not be with TWICE all the time but even when the two are separated, they still think about each other. One time Jihyo, Mina, and Sana even danced to “Red Flavor” when they were missing the other girls!


8. Surprise!

There’s nothing quite like when you suddenly find a friend by your side, just like when Nayeon surprised Yeri at a music festival.


9. Groomed to perfection

Just a little friendly grooming between Wendy and Jeongyeon!


10.  No funny business here

Irene prevented any of Dahyun‘s funny business by dragging her off stage at a Music Bank. The interaction is just too cute!