Here Are The 10 Tallest People of Korea

Who said Asians are short? All throughout Korean history, there have been people who exceed over 200cm in height. And here are the 10 tallest people in Korean history!

10th – Kim Yong Joo, 214cm (6ft 6in)

Kim Yong Joo was a wrestler from Ulsan.

9th – Kim Young Hyun, 217cm (7ft 1in)

Kim Young Hyun was also a wrestler, and one of the best in Korean history!

8th – Choi Hong Man, 218cm (7ft 2in)

Choi Hong Man is a kickboxer, as well as a world-famous entertainer!

7th – Kim Boo Gui, 219.7cm (7ft 2.5in)

Kim Boo Gui was the tallest person in Korea during the 1930’s.

6th – Kim Byung Oh, 220.8cm (7ft 3in)

Kim Byung Oh is a professional basketball player from Daejeon.

5th – Ha Seung Jin, 221.6cm (7ft 3.25in)

Han Seung Jin is the tallest basketball player to date. He also played in the NBA!

4th – Yoo Ki Sung, 225cm (7ft 4.5in)

Yoo Ki Sung was one of the tallest Korean during the 50~60’s. He was chosen to endorse brands just because of his tall height!

3rd – Lee Myung Woon, 225cm (7ft 4.5in)

Lee Myung Woon was a part of the Korean Giant Club, who was born in Busan.

2nd – Lee Kyung Ho, 227cm (7ft 5in)

Lee Kyung Ho was friends with Yoo Ki Sung but was 2cm taller than him.

1st – Nam Bok Woo, 242cm (7ft 11in)

Nam Bok Woo was the tallest Korean to ever exist in history! He made the front page of many newspapers at the time.

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