10 Things Cosmic Girls Bona Did For Fans, That Made Them BLUSH

She goes above and beyond for her fans.

1. The time she let a fan stare at her face as long as she wanted.

Fan: Can I really stare at you forever?

Bona: Of course~ As much as you want.

2. The time Bona asked her fan if they can handle spending a life with her.

Fan: I’m going to stake my entire life on you, you have to accept me, ok?

Bona: Do you think you can handle me?

3. When she let her fan catch Bona the Squirtle.

Fan: Please be my Squirtle~ (You have to battle too…)

Bona: Catch me if you can~

4. That time she let a fan think he had a chance to be with her.

Fan: I’m going to bet my life on you, what do you think?

Bona: You’ve got good chances ^_^

5. When Bona confessed she is only nice to people she likes.

Fan: You are famous for being nice to your fans, did you take lessons..?

Bona: I’m only nice to people I like.

6. When Bona gave a fan the hope of marrying her one day.

Fan: Can you tell me something fluttering so I can wake up when I am sleepy in class?

Bona: You have to study, otherwise we can’t get married?

7. When Bona made her fan go crazy with one sentence.

Fan: I came here to go crazy over your face.

Bona: How is it, is it enough to make you go crazy?

8. That time when a fan wanted eye contact.

Bona: Hi~

Fan: Hi~

Bona: (Looks at the post-it) Yea a lot of fans ask me if I can write them a fluttering sentence.

Fan: So I wrote something different. I heard that 80 out of 100 fans ask you for that.

Bona: Right ㅋㅋㅋ (Comes close to the fan and looks at the fan in his eyes)

Fan: (Maintains eye contact with Bona for 10 seconds but looks away)

Bona: You asked me for an eye contact ㅋㅋ

9. That time she ran into a fan who just wanted to stare at her face

Fan: This is my first time meeting a celebrity, and you are the first one. I’m so nervous ㅠㅠ

Bona: Really? ㅋㅋㅋ It can’t be.

Fan: I’m serious… I have seen a stage performance from far away, but this is my first time looking face to face, this close…

Bona: You want to see my face… (puts her hands under her chin and shows her face to the fan)

Fan: Thank you.

Bona: How it it? (smiling)

Fan: You are the prettiest person I’ve seen in my life

Bona: ㅋㅋㅋ You will say that to other members too.

Fan: No I won’t.

10. That time Eunseo and Xuan Yi made fans go crazy pretending to kiss each other.


Source: Instiz