10 Things You Might’ve Missed In TXT’s “Cat & Dog” Music Video

You’ll only catch these things if you watch over and over and over and…

BigHit just realized TXT‘s music video for “Cat & Dog” and besides being a fuzzy cuteness overload, there are quite a few things that you might not have noticed on the first watch.

1. When the boys run over to the window, the order they’re standing in suddenly changes

2. Huening Kai is looking off to the side while everyone else is looking ahead.

Maybe he thought he heard his master’s voice.

3. In the same scene, the “Pet Milk” is full of popcorn.

Fun fact: Pet Milk is actually a brand of evaporated milk – for humans!

4. Kai and Beomgyu start with shorts, but change into pants for the dancing scene.

Surely their knees thanked them.

5. Yeonjun is holding on for dear life during this lean-back scene.

You can see the “one more centimeter and I’m gonna fall” in his eyes.

6. Their shadow ears and tails.

Looks like they also gave Kai a shadow top hat.

7. The painting on the dance room is an optical illusion and the shape changes based on the angle!

8. Some sort of sea creatures in the ocean water.

9. Soobin’s room that’s straight out of a Salvador Dali painting.

Salvador Dali’s world famous “Persistence of Memory” painting

10. Only Taehyun, Kai, and Yeonjun open their eyes when their “master” comes home at the end.

That must’ve been some good sleep.

BONUS: Yeonjun’s glow-in-the-dark Avocado shirt.

Because: epic.