10 Things You Probably Missed In TWICE’s “BDZ” MV

Wait. Is that a “Signal” reference?

TWICE‘s music videos are full of fun, little details for eagle-eyed viewers, and the “BDZ” MV is no exception. Here are 10 things that may have escaped fans’ notice!


1. Jeongyeon’s spy gear

The vintage surveillance system in the “BDZ” MV looks very similar to the equipment in..

…TWICE’s “Signal” MV.


2. Dahyun’s confusing book

On one page of Dahyun‘s book, words can be seen, but after she turns in the chair, the book is blank, save for a small picture in the upper left-hand corner.


3. The Goldstar brand name

The word “Goldstar” can be seen on this old television. Goldstar was a Korean electronics company that existed up until the 1990s. It is now part of LG.


4. When only some of the members raised their hands

TWICE seems a bit confused about what they should do during this moment of false surrender. Hands up? Hands down? Half and half is the way to go!


5. When something flew off this bad guy

When this bad guy hit the chair TWICE had shoved up against a door to trap him, a small object flew out and bounced off the chair.


6. When one of the Lovelies ignored Tzuyu

In this scene, Tzuyu is waving at one TWICE’s rescued friends, but it either doesn’t realize it’s being waved at, or it just isn’t paying attention to Tzuyu!


7. When Sana moved in the opposite direction

Just before TWICE’s final showdown with the bad guys, Sana nearly broke away from the group. Where was she going to go?


8. This (unintentional?) product placement

When the members are plotting their heist, there is a target symbol on their blueprints that looks incredibly similar to…

…the Target brand logo.


9. This chessboard

In the video, TWICE is playing a cat and mouse game of strategy with the baddies, just like a game of chess.


10. This inspirational poster

Just as before Jeongyeon bullozed this wall, a poster with these words can be seen: “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. Very appropriate!

Source: KPOP & TWICE