10+ Things SEVENTEEN Would Do For Their Crush

It’s all that CARATs have been dying to know! SEVENTEEN revealed what romantic gestures they would do for their crushes!

1. The8

“Go closer to them.”

— The8

2. Dino

“Personally compose a song about my feelings and sing it for them.”

— Dino

3. Jun

“I’d like to go eat ice cream with them.”

— Jun

4. Hoshi

“I would dance.”

— Hoshi

5. Seungkwan

“Write a love letter and give it to them.”

— Seungkwan

6. S.Coups

“Hug that person with all my heart.”

— S.Coups

7. Jeonghan

“Give them a flower.”

— Jeonghan

8. Vernon

“Give a special present.”

— Vernon

9. Wonwoo

“Prepare a perfect weekend picnic and go together,”

— Wonwoo

10. Mingyu

“Personally say, ‘I like you.'”

— Minggyu

11. Joshua

“Buy them food.”

— Joshua

12. Woozi

“Sing a song for them.”

— Woozi

13. DK

“Call their name and give them a warm hug.”

— DK