10+ Things SEVENTEEN Would Do For Their Crush

It’s all that CARATs have been dying to know! SEVENTEEN revealed what romantic gestures they would do for their crushes!

1 The8

“Go closer to them.”

— The8

2 Dino

“Personally compose a song about my feelings and sing it for them.”

— Dino

3 Jun

“I’d like to go eat ice cream with them.”

— Jun

4 Hoshi

“I would dance.”

— Hoshi

5 Seungkwan

“Write a love letter and give it to them.”

— Seungkwan

6 S.Coups

“Hug that person with all my heart.”

— S.Coups

7 Jeonghan

“Give them a flower.”

— Jeonghan

8 Vernon

“Give a special present.”

— Vernon

9 Wonwoo

“Prepare a perfect weekend picnic and go together,”

— Wonwoo

10 Mingyu

“Personally say, ‘I like you.'”

— Minggyu

11 Joshua

“Buy them food.”

— Joshua

12 Woozi

“Sing a song for them.”

— Woozi

13 DK

“Call their name and give them a warm hug.”

— DK

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