10 Things In SEVENTEEN’s “Fear” That Will Turn You Into A Diehard Carat

Don’t blink, you might miss a moment.

SEVENTEEN‘s new album is soaring with record breaking sales and YouTube views. Packed with talent and visual, SEVENTEEN have stepped up their game yet again with this comeback! Their triple threat – which is their bop, choreography, and visual – is now out to slay. In (the rare) case you’re not stanning their pure talent already, here’s a list of all the visually pleasant things that are happening in the new “Fear” performance to get you started on that Carat life.


1. Wonwoo Gone Bad

As soon as the performance begins, Wonwoo has you screaming. He drinks the poison – and it’s all “bad boy gone badder” from there. If this doesn’t already leave you convinced…


2. Double Trouble

… here are more visual members hard at work. Mingyu should leave you breathless, but just in case you survived that – you’ll be followed up by Vernon. Talk about double trouble!


3. Woozi & the Boys

This part of the choreography has Woozi leading the rest of the members. And especially with SEVENTEEN’s ability to stay 200% synchronized, this cool formation is an eye-catcher!


4. Jeonghan’s Whispers

The song builds and builds and builds, when suddenly it stops and Jeonghan softly whispers, “Go on, do it again. Be bad, love me.” What more does one need to hear…?


5. This Dance Boo-reak

Seungkwan is the team’s main vocalist and he rocks at that position. Now he’s looking to double up as the team’s main dancer – and seeing from this Seungkwan-in-the-spotlight moment, it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea…


6. Mingyu Attack

… but then, there is also Mingyu. He’s also out to take the main dancer, center visual position and he most definitely brought his A game.


7. Mingyu Attack In Slo-Mo

Note: Mingyu is such an idol that even his hair dances.


8. Three-Second Joshua Bliss

Amidst the poisoning and the fear, and all of the world’s darkness falling upon SEVENTEEN, there is this three seconds of angelic Joshua and his bliss. If that soft smile doesn’t mesmerize you…


9. This Side Profile

… perhaps Jun’s sculpture-like side profile will do. From his perfectly shaped nose to that masculine jaw line, Jun adds so much aesthetics points to this performance!


10. This Ending

And by the time you get to this  end of the performance, you’ll realize you’ve been watching with your jaw dropped the whole time. It just might be, you’ve been poisoned with that SEVENTEEN fever.


Watch the Dingo version of SEVENTEEN’s “Fear” performance for maximum UWU: