10 Things That Made Vogue Fall In Love With NCT

Fashion magazine Vogue recently wrote an article praising NCT for their unique fashion and explained why they thought the group had “limitless fashion potential”. 

1. Despite being surrounded by countless fashion icons, NCT still stand out from the crowd.

2. Their many sub-units and concepts mean they can pull off a wide range of outfits.

3. They can own both high fashion and streetwear

4. Their eclectic style lets them take literally anything for inspiration

5. NCT are redefining fashion by creating new combinations of clothes that “match”.

6. They use their clothes to express a range of different personas.

7. Their fashion is incredibly innovative, and they’re not afraid to think outside the box

9. Other Korean Designers are following suit, showing they’re major trendsetters

10. NCT, by definition, is truly limitless

NCT U: 7th Sense

Source: Vogue