10 Things You’ll NEVER Hear A K-Pop Fan Say

Don’t ever expect a K-Pop fan to ever say any of these phrases!

K-Pop fans can say a lot of crazy things sometimes but you can almost always be sure that you’ll never catch any of them saying these things. Here is a list of 10 things you’ll never ever hear K-Pop fans say.


1. “I have enough K-Pop merchandise. Stop giving me more!”

It might start with lightsticks, clothing items, or plushies but you’ll soon find yourself seeking more and more merch.


Enough is never enough!


2. “My wallet is full.”

Thanks to our obsession with merch and the need to buy our idols’ latest albums, we’re left with a not so full wallet. Or, you know, an empty wallet. Excuse me while I go cry in the corner!


3. “Feminine guys are ugly.”

A lot of male idols have a certain feminine beauty to them. While K-Pop fans are often jealous of their male idol’s this beauty, you can’t help but fall in love with their visuals too. So there is no way you would ever say something like this!


4. “I can’t wait for my #1 bias to get married and have children.”

Maybe after weeks of calming down, K-Pop fans will be willing to say this.


5. “I can wait for those subs.”

Waiting for subs is one of the hardest things to do. You usually know the exact moment when subs are released and when something is actually in English you still look for the subtitles anyway!


Unfortunately, not all content is subbed.


6. “I don’t mind living thousands of miles away from my bias.”

Let’s be honest, we all want to see our idols in person but as an international fan, there are only so many chances you get.


So our only choice is to head to Korea by any means necessary!


7. “Seeing them once in concert is enough.”

Not only are the idols there to hype you up but you’ll also be surrounded by fans just like you!


Once is enough? Maybe in my dreams.


8. “I have no photos of my bias in my phone.”

Right… you’ll find no pictures of my bias on my phone.


They’re actually all hidden in my computer.


9. “Choosing a bias is easy!”

If only it was easy to choose one. Can’t I just choose all of them?


10. “I regret discovering K-Pop.”

When you enter K-Pop you’re blown away by the music and soon catch K-Pop fever.


But soon you’ll feel like you’re being attacked by all the awesome that is the K-Pop universe.


Then you’ll find out that once you’re in, there’s no way out.