Here Are 10 Throwback Gifs Of GOT7 During Their Martial Arts Tricking Days That’ll Definitely Bring Back Some Memories

Who remembers these days?

GOT7 are now known as one of the best dancing groups in K-Pop due to their intricate choreographies and having multiple members who are powerful dancers.

During their earlier days, GOT7 emphasized using martial arts tricking into their choreographies. These complicated moves involved acrobatic tricks like backflips for example. Here are 10 Gifs of GOT7 during those days, which will bring back some memories for fans.

1. Jackson in WIN: Who Is Next

2. Mark’s high backflip on Knowing Brothers 

3. Mark in “I Like You”

4. The backflip push

5. Mark’s slow-motion sequence in “Girls Girls Girls”

6. GOT7 covering “10 out of 10” (2PM)

7. Mark and Jackson simultaneous flip in “Girls Girls Girls”

8. GOT7 covering “Mr. Chu” (Apink)

9. Another version of the slow-motion flip by Mark

10. Jackson showing his talents on Running Man