10 Times ATEEZ Went Viral For Their Airport Fits

#3 is going viral!

Fans of K-Pop can agree ATEEZ as a group has some of the best fashion in recent years. The group has had some pretty iconic fashion moments in general, but particularly go viral for their airport outfits! Here are ten moments ATEEZ went viral for their immaculate fashion!

1. Mingi’s Shiny Blazer

Wearing a shiny blazer to the airport made Atiny everywhere look at Mingi in awe once they saw the photos!

2. San’s “Via Veritas Vita” Muscle Tee

As one of San’s more iconic looks, these photos went absolutely viral within Atiny Twitter!

3. Seonghwa’s Prince Moment

Seonghwa’s visuals are always remarkable, but fans were completely blown away by these photos from the airport!

4. Seonghwa All Bundled Up

Similar to his prince-like visuals, fans went crazy over his sweet winter look!

5. Yunho’s Boyfriend Outfit

Yunho is the resident ATEEZ boyfriend, so its safe to say Atiny was head over heels for this boyfriend look.

6. Yeosang’s Birthmark On Display

Atiny absolutely loves Yeosang’s birthmark, so when its on display, the photos are sure to go viral!

7. Mingi’s Smart Look

Mingi is one of ATEEZ’s most fashionable members, so this outfit featuring glasses and a trench coat was sure to make waves.

8. Hongjoong’s Pink Hair Visuals

These photos of Hongjoong went absolutely viral due to his handsome features!

9. Wooyoung’s Casual Outfit

Wooyoung is great at wearing a casual fit, so when these photos were released, Atiny’s everywhere went crazy!

10. San’s Classy Casual Look

One of the most recent additions to ATEEZ’s viral airport fashion outfits is a contribution from San, in which he wore a sleek all black outfit and blazer with a matching baseball cap for an added flair!