10+ Time TWICE’s Tzuyu Took Our Breaths Away In The Prettiest Gowns

Tzuyu in dresses as tall and pretty as her? Yes please!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is one pretty idol, and is famed for her ethereal beauty and kick*ss talent. While she’s serving looks all the time, there is one outfit she can rock especially well- a pretty gown! Tzuyu’s tall height and goddess-proportions help her carry off most outfits extremely well, but when she dons long dresses, she looks like a total princess! Here are 10+ times Tzuyu wore a sweeping gown, and blew everyone away with her heightened visuals!

1. Floral Gown

For the group’s “Feel Special” comeback MV, Tzuyu donned this gorgeous floral dress and looked like a living doll!


2. Black Dress

Tzuyu wore this outfit for the group’s “Cheer Up” comeback MV, and looked stunning!


3. Pink Dress

Tzuyu in this pink dress is a gorgeous combo!


4. White Dress

Tzuyu kills it in this white, sleek dress!


5. Red Dress

She’s a sexy queen!


6. Lacy Black Dress

Tzuyu’s figure is top-notch!


7. Patterned Black Dress

She looks adorable in this dress!


8. White, Puffy Dress

It’s Tzuyu’s world, we’re just living in it.


9. Black Tube Gown

She’s so pretty, it’s blinding!


10. White Wedding Gown

Tzuyu would make the prettiest blushing bride!


11. Black Dress With An Arrow-Print

She can pull off anything!


12. Sleek Black Dress

Her proportions are goddess-level amazing!