10+ Times Apink’s Hayoung Served Gorgeous Visuals In The Prettiest Dresses

Visual queen comin’ through!

Apink‘s Hayoung is known for her god-tier visuals and amazing, curvy proportions! She looks good in everything she wears, but especially carries herself well in pretty dresses! Here are 10+ times Hayoung wore a gorgeous dress, and lived up to her rep as “Oh-Phrodite”!

1. Sexy queen is killin’ it!


2. She looks amazing in this dress!


3. A visual queen in this white gown!


4. She’s got legs for days in this dress!


5. So pretty!


6. She’s gorgeous in this white dress!


7. She’s beautiful in blue!


8. Fit queen!


9. She’s serving angelic visuals right here!


10. Her proportions are crazy!


11. This gown is beautiful on her!


12. Her visuals are unreal!


13. Queen of pretty physiques!


14. Hayoung is an alluring beauty in red!


15. She slays in this dress!