Here Are 10+ Times ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Made Our Jaws Drop With His Prince-Like Visuals

He’s truly charming like a prince!

It’s undeniable that ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo is incredibly talented, handsome, and of course, charming! Through everything he’s done and said, it’s clear that Eunwoo is a real-life prince charming!

1. He’s definitely enchanting

2. He’s a true gentleman in every way

3. That gaze though! Definitely makes it hard to look away

4. He needs someone to hug! Perhaps a princess?

5. He’s mysterious


6. He’s charming from head to toe

7. Now this is breathtaking


8. He accessorizes like a true prince


9. He has such soft visuals

10. While he’s incredibly playful, he also gets work done

11. The most handsome prince you’ll ever lay your eyes on

12. The hopeful look in his eyes is too dreamy

13. A prince can be a bad boy too!

14. His visuals are jaw dropping

15. He definitely got that flower for you


16. He’s not sweating, he’s glowing

17. He’s had prince-like visuals since he was a baby

18. Soft and lovely

19. Incredibly romantic just like prince charming

20. He’s stunning even in the rain

21. He’s even beautiful when he cries

22. That belt is shiny but his prince-like visuals shine even brighter!