10 Times ATEEZ Took On Covers As If They Were Performing Their Own Songs

3, 5, 6, and 7 even had the original artists impressed!

ATEEZ recently appeared on Immortal Songs once again, this time for the grand finale of the show, which took place this past December.

As always, ATEEZ put on a breathtaking performance, incorporating their new song “The Real” into a medley with other songs, Block B‘s “Nillili Mambo” and BIGBANG‘s “Fantastic Baby.”

In honor of their latest spectacular cover, here are 10 more of ATEEZ’s best covers.

1. EXO’s Growl

Even pre-debut, ATEEZ showed off their precise, powerful performance skills by tackling such intricate choreography. Although this is the only cover on this list that they did not sing for, main dancers Mingi and Yunho choreographed the dance for the second verse, showcasing their impressive skills.

2. The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber’s “Stay”

ATEEZ flaunts their English skills and live vocals in their cover of “Stay” on You Heeyeol’s Sketchbook. With the members’ vocal tones suiting this cover so perfectly, many ATINY hope that a rock album style comeback is in the group’s future.

3. Rain’s “It’s Raining”

The first of many Immortal Song covers in this list, ATEEZ shows off their incredible skills and chic expressions in their cover of “It’s Raining.” Even the original singer, Rain, is impressed with their performance, applauding the group with a big smile.

4. Block B’s Very Good

ATEEZ shocked everyone at KCON LA when they showed up in suits pulled directly out of Block B’s music video, performing the cover with enough intensity and passion that anyone who did not know better might assume it was actually their own song.

5. PSY’s “Right Now”

Back to their impressive repertoire of Immortal Song covers, ATEEZ once again brought their all while performing “Right Now” in front of the original artist. PSY could not help but bop his head to the group’s enthusiasm as they performed an equal parts playful and powerful stage, truly making the cover their own.

6. BTS’s “Blood, Sweat, & Tears,” SHINee’s “View,” and miss A’s “Good-bye Baby”

Their first performance at an awards show, ATEEZ conquered the stage and captivated 2019’s MAMA with a perfect blend of their “Wonderland” and three iconic K-pop songs. The performance was so captivating that even BTS was impressed.

7. TURBO’s “Black Cat”

ATEEZ’s cover of “Black Cat” on Immortal Songs was so captivating that they later released a Halloween version of the cover, which included a surprise appearance from original singer TURBO‘s Jongkook. Jongkook was so impressed with the group’s performance that he later collaborated with the group on a mini-album Season Songs. With their great friendship, we can only wait to see what they may collaborate on next!

8. Bruno Mars’ Leave The Door Open

Once more showcasing their impressive English, ATEEZ recorded an incredible cover of Bruno Mars‘ popular song. Their voices suit the song so perfectly, and leader Hongjoong‘s rap is such a natural addition, that you could almost believe the song is theirs.

9. SHINee’s Sherlock

As always, ATEEZ tackled this cover by adding their own style of intensity and power that provides a refreshing stage while still doing justice to the original performers. No SHINee song has easy vocals or choreography, but ATEEZ did not flinch at the challenge and more than proved their talent.

10. BTS’s On

Music Bank‘s audience may have thought they were at an ATEEZ concert with how much energy and enthusiasm they brought to this cover of BTS’s iconic song. Although we do not have BTS’s reaction to this particular cover, there is no way the original artists were not impressed by ATEEZ’s performance.

You can also watch their recent medley performance of “Nillili Mambo,” “Fantastic Baby,” and “The Real” here.