10 Times ATEEZ’s San Had The Most Powerful Energy Even In Casual Airport Outfits

#6 is just so San.

When ATEEZ‘s San is all dressed up in his stage outfits, there’s no doubt that his energy is powerful beyond measure. But the really amazing thing is how that aura carries over even when he’s wearing everyday outfits at the airport. Take a look at 10 of his best airport looks that had fans obsessed with his energy.

1. How can someone look so put together in such a slouchy outfit?

2. He looked so good in this down jacket, you can almost imagine him wearing it on stage

3. All-black San is the most powerful San

4. Who knew a soft color like lilac could look this tough?

5. His shirt says “way, truth, life”… yup, that sums up San’s biceps

6. No one does leopard print like ATEEZ

7. It’s a simple jacket, but he wore it so well

8. Neon green & a bucket hat is a combination only San could pull off

9. His red-streaked hair made this one even better

10. San in a leather jacket. Enough said.