10+ Times BLACKPINK Jennie Was 100% Actually You

Jennie is one of the most adorable girls in K-Pop for sure.

1. This is you now, near the end of the year, with a day off in sight but still somehow so far away


2. And this is you when your boss asks you do something right before the holidays


3. This is you, realizing there are work days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve


4. And, this is you realizing that there are mostly just work days after New Year’s Eve


5. But you still go out on the weekend with your friends and party it up


6. You, when you got dressed in a hurry but, on your way out, you look in the mirror and see you’re flawless


7. You, seeing your crush looking at you (at least, you wish you were this smooth)


8. You, hiding your inner savage behind a joke


9. You, after your friends convince you something is delicious when it’s not


10. You, when you see haters but know they don’t faze you


11. You, when you forgot to get someone a Christmas present but know you can definitely get away with it


12. And you, internally, doing mind yoga to trick yourself into thinking you’ll keep your 2018 New Year’s resolution

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