10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Came For Our Souls In The Sexiest Stockings Ever

Jennie’s a sexy queen in stockings!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is a total fashion icon, and we’re hard-pressed to find a style she hasn’t tried and completely owned! Here are 10+ times Jennie wore a pair of stockings, and unleashed her sexy side!

1. Jennie is such a queen!


2. Jennie slays in this outfit!


3. Casual Jennie is such a cutie!


4. No one slays stockings like Jennie in this outfit!


5. Bob-cut Jennie in stockings is here for our souls.


6. Classy Jennie is killing it in this outfit!


7. Queen of stage outfits!


8. She slays hard!


9. Comfy Jennie is so cute!


10. She looks gorgeous!


11. Jennie absolutely shines in these rhinestone stockings!


12. Her visuals are unreal.


13. Such a pretty lady!


14. “Boombayah” Jennie just hit different!


15. High-class fashion queen right here!