10 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie And Lisa Proved They Have The Sweetest Friendship

Because only your best friend could get away with #2.

BLINKs are always on the lookout for some of BLACKPINK Jennie and Lisa‘s sweet interactions together. They know that the two have had so many great moments together that highlight what a wonderful friendship the duo has together. And while we can’t include them all, here are some of the cutest and most hilarious ones that prove their friendship couldn’t get any better!


1. Every time Jennie and Lisa were totally in sync

You know how you and your best friend always seem to be in sync? Well, the same is true of Lisa and Jennie!


From uncannily similar reactions at concerts to perfectly timed finger hearts, this duo definitely has a knack for keeping things in sync.


But then again, that’s what best friends do!


2. When Lisa gave Jennie the best wake up call

BLACKPINK HOUSE gave us a ton of great moments between all the girls but one of the sweetest and funniest was the moment when Lisa decided to wake Jennie up! While Lisa tried to be patient waiting for her unnie to shake off her sleep, eventually she couldn’t help herself and flopped down next to her. A few snuggles later and Jennie was ready to start her day!


Of course, we all know that isn’t the only way you’d wake your bestie up. In fact, Lisa also straight up dragged Jennie from her bed on another episode. Let’s be honest, you’d only ever let your closest friends get away with this kind of behavior!


3. And when they got drowsy together

Although Lisa is the queen of getting Jennie out of bed, sometimes she gets a little sleepy herself and will take a little snooze with her unnie!


4. The time the duo went bowling together

When the duo went bowling together, they ended up on opposite teams but that didn’t mean they couldn’t cheer each other on, or dance together, or wish they had been put on the same team… even with Lisa’s knack for bad luck!


And of course, who else would you die of secondhand embarrassment with when your manager does something like this than your best friend!


5. When they couldn’t keep a straight face

While we all know that the pictures with the two for Cosmopolitan Korea turned out really well, a quick glimpse at the behind the scenes showed it wasn’t exactly easy to get the finished product.


In fact, any time Lisa’s and Jennie’s eyes met they couldn’t help but burst into laughter!


Six takes later and it was still no good. Jennie and Lisa demonstrating why it’s next to impossible to keep a straight face when you’re with your friends!


6. Every time they got a little snuggly

Jennie and Lisa are known to be super snuggly friends.


And everyone absolutely loves it!


And why wouldn’t they, the two are beyond cute!


7. When Lisa pointed out one of her favorite killing parts

On one radio show, the girls were asked what they believed was the killing part in “Playing With Fire”. Of course, being the great friend that she is, Lisa was quick to claim Jennie’s part was the best! Why? Because it was so sexy!


8. When Jennie talked Lisa into buying her stuff

On another episode of BLACKPINK HOUSE, Jennie and Lisa went out shopping. While out and about, Jennie somehow convinced Lisa to buy her something. Only friends would be able to do that!


9. When Lisa explained who she would date if she was a boy

During one livestream the girls were asked which member they would consider dating if they were a guy. Lisa was the fastest to answer, pointing to her bestie! She went on to explain it would be because Jennie’s hot. And then Jennie couldn’t help but tease her a little bit about her particular choice!


10. The time Lisa got up close and personal with her

The only people in the world who would willingly touch another person’s feet are podiatrists, pedicurists, and your very best friends.


So when Lisa was spotted not only peeling Jennie’s socks off but also giving her feet a nice spa bath, BLINKs knew that their friendship was as strong as ever.