10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Made A Lace Outfit Work Like No One Else

She s-lace in lace!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is a fashion icon, and is always slaying in all her different outfits! Here are x times Jennie rocked a lace outfit like nobody else, and proved to us all why she’s regarded as a fashion queen!

1. She makes this look work!


2. She’s gorgeous!


3. She killed this look!


4. This look is perfect on her!


5. Prettiest outfit!


6. She looks like a living doll!


7. White lace looks so pretty on her!


8. Jennie is the queen of black lace looks!


9. She slays in this outfit!


10. She’s radiant!


11. She looks gorgeous in this dress!


12. She’s bringing out her sexy side!


13. Red is just one color Jennie totally owns!


14. She’s so pretty its unreal.


15. She’s seriously beautiful!