10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Oozed Powerful CEO Vibes In A Suit

Jennie’s a powerful queen!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is a talented queen with boss energy, and she does it all while being at the top of her fashion game! Here are 10+ times Jennie wore a classy suit and exuded pure power vibes like the strong queen she is!

1. She’s got such powerful vibes!


2. She’s gorgeous!


3. Even in causal, her visuals aren’t any less powerful!


4. She’s so pretty!


5. Jennies’s so classy!


6. This suit dress “suits” her perfectly!


7. She makes everything look so amazing!


8. Casual Jennie is gorgeous.


9. She’s adorable, yet she has those boss vibes!


10. Jennie has such a powerful gaze!


11. She’s the cutest girl ever!


12. Such a queen!


13. She’s got such great taste in fashion!


14. Jennie’s a powerful queen!