10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Proved She’s The Queen Of Proportions In A Simple Pair Of Jeans

All hail the queen!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is a fashion queen, but along with her great taste in fashion, she’s also got the perfect proportions to carry off any outfit! Here are 10+ times Jennie wore a pair of jeans, and pulled it off like the proportion queen she is!

1. She looks so good in this outfit!


2. She looks so good in a simple pair of jeans!


3. Her golden proportions let her pull off anything!


4. Casual Jennie is so powerful.


5. Even baggy jeans look amazing on her!


6. She’s so pretty!


7. She’s killin’ it with her casual looks!


8. She looks even prettier when she’s all dolled up!


9. She’s so cute in these jeans!


10. This look was legendary!


11. This outfit looks so amazing on her!


12. Casual Jennie is such a cutie!


13. She can seriously pull off anything!


14. She makes even the most basic outfits look so classy!


15. Jennie is such a queen!


16. This look is classic Jennie!