10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Showed Off Her Pretty Shoulder-Line In Off-Shoulder Tops

She looks gorgeous in off-shoulder tops!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is hailed as an incredibly talented idol and fashion queen, and is also hailed for her incredible physique as well! She’s known for having a very pretty shoulder-line, and fans love how pretty she looks in off-shoulder tops! Here are 10+ times Jennie wore an off-shoulder outfit, and brought tons of positive attention to her visuals!

1. Jennie is so gorgeous-including her shoulder-line!


2. This CF gave us such an iconic Jennie look!


3. This outfit looks so good on her!


4. Such a cutie!


5. Cutie pt. 2!


6. Her “Solo” stage outfits were so pretty!


7. This top is so pretty on her!


8. Red is such powerful color on her!


9. She has such incredible taste in style!


10. This outfit was gold!


11. Another iconic stage outfit!


12. Her charisma is off the charts!


13. She’s so beautiful!


14. So pretty!


15. She’s serving super chic visuals here!


16. Her visuals are ethereal in this outfit!