10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Wowed Us In These Little Black Dresses

She looks gorgeous even in plain black.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has always been a style icon and while she can pull off the craziest styles, she can also rock a more simple look with a little black dress!

1. Jennie definitely doesn’t need a lot to make her look good! She looks stunning in a simple black dress


2. She’s giving off major CEO vibes in this classy dress!

3. Jennie shocked us with this new look and she definitely took our breaths away!

4. Little black dresses can also be worn for a more casual look

5. Now this look will forever be iconic

6. Her stage outfits are always so stunning and this one was gorgeous

7. Dark makeup and a black dress!


8. Add a bit of color to your little black dress! Jennie did with these baby pink gloves

9. She looks like a doll! Her beauty is seriously unreal


10. She manages to make the color black look so lively!

11. She definitely has an old Hollywood glam vibe

12. This photoshoot is one we’ll never forget

13. Loving this casual, yet stylish outfit

14. She’s a cover model indeed!

15. Edgy and glamourous

16. She’s clearly the definition of grace

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

17. She’s got the most stunning figure and this little black dress shows it!

18. She’s has so many charming points and one of them is her smile


19. Pigails really do suit her and this outfit


20. She’s always pulled off an all-black look so well