10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Was An Ethereal Shoulder-Line Queen In Off-Shoulder Outfits

She’s gorgeous!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is always glowing with her beauty, and her smiley and bubbly demeanor makes fans fall for her even more! All of BLACKPINK are top fashion icons, and Jisoo fits just right with her impeccable sense of style! Here are 10+ times Jisoo wore the prettiest off-shoulder outfits, and was a gorgeous shoulder-line queen in them!

1. Her visuals are unreal!


2. She’s a sexy queen in this outfit!


3. A whole cutie!


4. Purple-haired Jisoo needs a comeback!


5. Gorgeous queen!


6. Jisoo in this “Forever Young” stage outfit is beautiful!


7. She’s ethereal in this off-shoulder dress!


8. Shoulder-line queen!


9. She looks incredible in this outfit!


10. Jisoo is high-class fashion icon in this outfit!


11. This outfit is one of her most iconic looks!