10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Looked Gorgeous AF In A Corset

They help bring out her stunning figure!

BLACKPINK‘s music gets everyone talking and while they’re talented idols on stage, they’re also fashion icons! Thanks to their stylist, the members are always looking amazing and Jisoo has repeatedly wowed us in a corset!

1. Jisoo’s “Pretty Savage” in that bright plaid corset!

2. Her stage outfits are always gorgeous

3. This look will forever be stunning!

4. Corsets are great for bringing out ones figure and Jisoo’s is jaw-dropping

5. Jisoo unnie and her maknae Lisa are always killing every style

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6. Her figure is actually incredible!

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

7. She shines on stage and backstage as well


8. Jisoo is incredibly angelic in white

9. “The Show was full of incredible looks! Including this amazing corset

10. Feminine yet edgy!

11. We love a confident queen

12. Jisoo looks beautiful in pink! It’s definitely her color!

13. Jisoo has many lovely stage outfits but this is definitely a crowd favorite


14. This photo is proof Jisoo is an actual fairy and she’s got the cutest corset belt!


15. Nothing better than a lace-up corset

16. This outfit definitely highlights Jisoo’s power on stage

17. Not everyone can pull off a multiple belt corset as Jisoo does


18. This look is one that lives rent-free in our minds

19. She can make simple outfits look breathtaking

20. Jisoo proved that the stereotypically uncomfortable corset is comfortable enough to slay dance moves in



21. You can never go wrong with a nice corset belt

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22. Jisoo is a total bad a** with this bold red corset dress!