10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Looked Bad*ss In An All-Black Outfit

She’s a visual queen!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is a gorgeous idol, who’s a force to be reckoned with onstage! Along with her incredible talent, fans are always raving about her visuals, and its no wonder, because she’s so pretty, it’s unreal! Here are 10+ times Lisa rocked an all-black outfit with her incredible proportions, and absolutely slayed!

1. Lisa is a gorgeous queen!


2. Lisa just “casually” looks so good!


3. She kills this all-black look!


4. Lisa in photoshoots is top-class content!


5. She looks so classy in this outfit!


6. She looks cozy and classy in this outfit!


7. Lisa is so pretty!


8. We love you too, Lisa!


9. She’s a dangerously sexy woman!


10. The prettiest dancer!


11. Lisa in black hair and a black outfit is quality content!


12. Lisa’s shines onstage!