10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Out-Classed Everyone With Her Superior Visuals In Glasses

She serving visuals with glasses!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is a beautiful queen, and she looks good in everything, including glasses! Here are 10+ time Lisa put on a pair of spectacles, and out-classed everybody with her visuals!

1. Lisa makes glasses look super trendy!


2. She looks so pretty in glasses!


3. Her visuals in glasses are so charming!


4. Her blonde wavy hair and glasses are everything!


5. We’re feelin’ her sporty vibes in these pictures!


6. These hexagonal glasses are so cute!


7. But round glasses are also working for her!


8. Her visuals are adorable in these glasses!


9. Lisa’s getting her flirt on in these heart-shaped glasses!


10. Smiley Lisa in glasses is everything!


11. Cosy Lisa!


12. She’s so cute in glasses!


13. Lisa looks amazing in glasses and this oversized sweater!


14. She’s serving chic visuals with glasses!


15. Love the hexagonal glasses that made a comeback!


16. Black-haired Lisa in glasses is the best thing to happen to BLINKs!