10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was A Gorgeous, Long-Legged Goddess In Thigh-High Boots

Lisa was made for thigh-high boots!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is a phenomenal dancer, who’s known for her suave moves and killer star presence. She absolutely shines onstage, and she’s also hailed as a gorgeous visual with an incredible figure! Here are 10+ times Lisa wore the prettiest thigh-high boots, and proved that her long legs were made for them!

1. Lisa’s got legs for days!


2. What a queen!


3. She’s so pretty!


4. Lisa is an iconic queen!


5. Lisa’s killing it in these boots!


6. She’s beautiful!


7. Such a cutie!


8. She pulls these boots off so well!


9. She’s so pretty!


10. Photoshoot Lisa is an icon!


11. Lisa’s a dangerously sexy woman!


12. These boots look so pretty on her!


13. So gorgeous!