10+ Times BLACKPINK Members Bullied Eachother On Camera

When BLACKPINK says “you’re stupid” they really mean “I love you”.

BLACKPINK is a family, and like many families, BLACKPINK shows their affection by mercilessly teasing, insulting, and bullying each other. After all, nothing says “I love you” like “you just lost one more brain cell”.


1. “Nobody asked.”

Jennie shut Lisa down when Lisa tried to talk about her pet hamsters. As soon as Lisa started to speak, Jennie cut her off by saying “nobody asked”. Lisa pouted at the camera, as if asking fans to come to her defense.


2. “That’s because you’re stupid.”

In an audio broadcast, Jisoo admitted that she can’t ride a bike well. According to Lisa, it’s because Jisoo is too “stupid” to do it.


3. Lisa’s tickle attacks on Rosé.

During an audio broadcast, Rosé recounted how Lisa would torment her with tickles.

The painful tickle torture didn’t stop, even during the night.

Lisa insisted that she was just being playful and, like a true sister, put the blame on Rosé by telling her it was her fault for going to bed too early.


4. “You just lost one more brain cell.”

When Jisoo couldn’t remember what she wanted to say, Jennie basically told her that she is getting dumber by the minute. Jennie, that is not helpful!


5. Lisa’s “loving” pinches

During a live broadcast with fans, Lisa kept pinching Jennie under the table.

Jennie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so she settled for something in between.


6. Lisa’s “fake hair”

Jennie and Jisoo teamed up on Lisa to make fun of her hair then added insult to injury with a high five. Lisa looked annoyed but managed to keep her thoughts to herself, for the moment at least.


7. Mimicking Lisa’s aegyo

When Lisa tried to say “no” cutely, Jennie poked fun at her by repeating the same word while imitating Lisa’s voice.


8. When Rosé got food stuck in her teeth.

A good friend would point out the tiramisu in their friend’s teeth. A best friend, like Jennie, would screencap it.


9. “Hi! I’m stupid.”

When Lisa made this adorable, puffy face, Jisoo told Lisa that she looked like an idiot.


10. “You’re also stupid?”

Lisa repaid Jisoo for her bullying when Jisoo pulled the puffy face.


11. Lisa’s annoying voice.

The BLACKPINK members complained about Lisa’s aegyo voice during an audio broadcast. Jisoo even suggested that they should lock Lisa out on their veranda as punishment.


12. Jisoo’s nickname for Jennie’s curly hairdo

When Jisoo said that Jennie had “spaghetti hair”…

 …Jennie threatened to smack her with a phone case.