10 Times BLACKPINK Proved Their Mics Were On With Their Incredible Live Vocals

These ten live performances showcase their amazing vocals.

K-Pop artists are known to undergo months to years of training to become the best performers they can be. Part of the training often includes exercises to improve vocal stability while dancing intense choreography. This often results in vocal performances that are almost too good to be true, but fans know it’s really a mix of natural talent and hard work.

Here are 10 times BLACKPINK proved their mics were on with their incredible live performances.

1. 2016 Asia Artists Awards

Three months after they debuted, they experienced a series of audio issues and fluctuating microphone volume levels that plagued their performance at the 2016 Asia Artists Awards. Although they were rookies at the time, they handled it like seasoned professionals, singing even louder when their microphone wasn’t working. Fans praised their talent and professionalism as they continued their performance without missing a beat.

2. 2017 “STAY” Performance

During a performance of their song “STAY,” Jennie briefly mixed up the Korean and Japanese lyrics. She charmingly laughed off the confusion, and the adorable moment resulted in fans falling in love with Jennie all over again!

3. 2018 In Your Area Tour

While performing “Ddu Du Ddu Du” on their 2018 In Your Area world tour, Lisa handed the mic to Rosé, who impressively performed part of the maknae‘s rap, ending any doubt they weren’t singing live.

4. Jisoo’s “Clarity” Cover

Jisoo earned praise from fans for her “Clarity” cover on BLACKPINK’s In Your Area tour. The song perfectly suited Jisoo’s vocal tone and allowed her to showcase her undeniable talent. Fans applauded her stable and powerful vocals on the popular song.

5. 2018 Korea University Festival

While singing their song “BOOMBAYAH” at the 2018 Korea University Festival, the music suddenly glitched during BLACKPINK’s performance, leaving them momentarily confused. Instead of letting it stop them, Jennie continued singing the lyrics, and the rest of the members instantly joined in. Though the music didn’t come back on, they finished the performance like true professionals.

6. Jennie at the 2019 Chanel x Pharrell Celebration Party

At the party celebrating Chanel and American artist and producer Pharrell Williams‘ collaboration collection in 2019, Jennie mesmerized the crowd with a charismatic performance of the 1960s song, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.” Her mic was undeniably on as she proved her star power with her sultry rendition.

7. 2019 Coachella Performance

BLACKPINK made their Coachella debut in 2019 with an impressive 13-song set. Their strong voices can be heard clearly above any supporting tracks as they showed they were there to serve live vocals.

8. 2020 “How You Like That” Encore On Inkigayo

When BLACKPINK took home the number 1 trophy from Inkigayo for their song “How You Like That,” they shut down any doubt they were singing live with their powerful encore performance.

9. Rosé’s Unplugged “Viva La Vida” Cover

In February, Rosé uploaded a live studio cover of Coldplay‘s “Viva La Vida” with The Black Label‘s soloist and producer, LØREN. The incredible cover showcased Rosé’s raw and unique vocals and proved she was born to sing.

10. 2022 MTV VMAs

On Sunday, August 28, BLACKPINK became the first K-Pop girl group to perform at the MTV VMAs. They performed their brand new pre-release single “Pink Venom,” which had fans and fellow celebrities up on their feet.

During Lisa’s first verse, her microphone became stuck on her sleeve, proving her mic was on as you heard her untangle it and continue her captivating performance. Later, Lisa and Jennie both paused during their raps to prove they were singing live.