10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé Boasted Her Superior Visuals In Plaid Outfits

Rosé rocks plaid outfits like she was made for them!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is a gorgeous beauty, who’s known for her unique vocals, tall height and slim figure! She’s also got an incredible sense of style, and is always slaying every outfit she makes an appearance in! Here are 10+ times Rosé wore a plaid outfit, and had fans super appreciative of her visuals!

1. Rosé is working this coat!


2. She’s killin’ it in this outfit!


3. Rosé is the queen of tennis skirt looks!


4. She looks so good in this outfit!


5. Rosé can pull off anything!


6. These pants look like they were made for Rosé!


7. This plaid top suits her so well!


8. Rosé is so pretty!


9. She’s slaying this plaid tie!


10. This grey plaid skirt is so pretty!


11. These close-ups of Rosé in plaid are beautiful!


12. Here’s Rosé, just casually stealing hearts with her visuals!


13. Red plaid looks so good on her!


14. She owns this yellow plaid dress!


15. She’s gorgeous.


16. A queen who loves her BLINKs!


17. Her visuals are insane!