10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé Incorporated Bows And Ribbons In Her Style In The Cutest Ways

They’re pretty and cute just like her.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has an amazing style that oftentimes features cute ribbons and bows! Whether it’s in her hair or a piece of her clothes, Rosé shows that a cute ribbon or bow can tie a whole look together!

1. The Met Gala

Rosé took our breath away with her first Met Gala appearance! Stealing the spotlight, Rosé stepped on the carpet in the cutest Saint Laurent black dress that featured a huge white bow!

| allure

2. One-shoulder bow!

Rosé look so elegant in this one-shoulder top that had a huge bow that rested on her shoulder.


3. This might be the cutest dress ever!

It’s safe to say that Rosé doesn’t mind being covered in ribbons.


4. They give off a sweet vibe

Ribbons and pows are absolutely adorable and they can definitely add some sweetness to your look


5. She’s all wrapped up!

One bow for your hair and one big bow to wear as a top!


6. Whether long or short ribbons, Rosé always makes them look good!

7. She loves to put them in her hair!

Instead of using any old hair tie, why not take some pointers Rosé, and tie your hair up with a long ribbon.

8. They make for a perfect summer look!

Bright, playful, and youthful just like Rosé


9. They make anything look classy!

Rosé is the definition of beautiful! She’s classy, graceful, and elegant.

10. There are ribbons everywhere!

Rosé proves that you can never have too many ribbons in one outfit!


11. She looks like a doll

Rosé’s beauty is truly out of this world and she looks like a pretty doll in this look.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

12. It softens up an edgy look

Wither leather skirt and boots, one could say this look is quite edgy, yet the big bow softens things up a bit.

13. Absolutely love this look!

A bow can never be too big and it made this look super memorable for BLINKs

14. She’s angelic!

Rosé has the voice of an angel and she definitely looks like one! Especially in this all-white look.

15. Wear it on your skirt!

Most people wouldn’t imagine wearing a skirt with a huge bow on it but Rosé looks absolutely gorgeous in one!


16. Neat and clean

Simple ribbons can add a lot of style to a simple look

| YG Entertainment

17. She’s unreal!

This look is so dreamy! With Rosé’s soft and glowing visuals, it’s hard to believe someone so stunning exists!

18. Totally chic!

This may be an advertisement for Puma, yet Rosé cute bow top totally steals the show.

19. This adorable tiny bow

Rosé sure does rock a giant bow well, but tiny ones are cute too

20. Prim and preppy

With her matching skirt and top set and huge bow in her hair, Rosé slayed the prim and preppy style!


21. She can definitely tie her hair up in a ribbon bow easily!

Rosé has styled ribbon bows in her hair so many times that she’s definitely mastered how to make them!