10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Rose Showed Off Her Perfect Shoulder-Line In The Prettiest Off-Shoulder Outfits

Rosé has a such a pretty shoulder-line, brought out perfectly in these outfits!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is an idol known for her well-rounded talent and gorgeous visuals, and over the years, has emerged as a top fashion icon as well! Here are 10+ times Rosé wore an off-shouldered outfit, causing a stir among fans with her pretty shoulder-line!

1. Rosé is sparkling in this black off-shouldered top-literally!


2. This green off-shouldered top highlights her sexy-shoulder line nicely!


3. Rosé has such god-tier red carpet looks!


4. Such a gorgeous queen!


5. This airport look goes down in history as one of Rosé’s best ones!


6. This casual outfit is a classic Rosé look!


7. She’s a queen in pink!


8. Black is one of Rosé’s sexiest colors!


9. This white outfit, couple with her red hair is such an iconic look!


10. Rosé has such a pretty shoulder-line!


11. Even her casual fashion is of top-tier taste!


12. This look of hers is legendary!


13. She looks so pretty in this off-shouldered top!


14. Rosé is the queen of off-shouldered crop tops!


15. Her visuals in this white dress are heaven-sent!


16. When Rosé wore this dress on BLACKPINK’s tour, she had fans raving about her visuals for days!


17. Rosé looks so good in this denim, off-shouldered crop top!