10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé Totally Owned Her Event Looks

Rosé’s visuals in her event appearances always slap hard!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is a gorgeous beauty, and she really lives up to her fashionista rep when she shows up in the most gorgeous outfits at different events! Here are 10+ times she was a stunner with her event looks!

1. Rosé literally lights up the night in this black leather dress!

2. Her visuals are god-tier in this blue dress- it looks so amazing on her!

3. She slays this black dress like nobody else!

4. Blue suits her so much!

5. Rosé’s combining comfy and classy vibes in this brown event look!

6. More of Rosé in black leather dress, please!

7. She pulls off the fun print skirt and thigh-high boots so well!

8. This black dress and silver belt really highlight her tiny waist!

9. She’s owning this printed minidress!

10. Rosé in this floral dress and corset is everything!

11. This red dress is gorgeous on her!

12. Rosé is the queen of pulling off anything, and she pulls off this whole fit like the fashionista she is!

13. Rosé in floral prints is a superior concept!